Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MysteryGuitarMan And We No Speak Americano In Bali

Holy jumpin! What's MysteryGuitarMan doing in Bali? He's over there shooting a video for a womens' group and at first it looks like he won't be able to post a music video, but being thousands of miles from home won't stop MGM.

In case you're wondering, the song he did was We No Speak Americano (the original version is available on iTunes). Plus that is one epic kite! I had to check on Amazon to see if they had that boat kite but they didn't have the exact one, but if you want to see some other cool kites, check out New Tech Kites.

As a side note (music joke lol), MysteryGuitarMan is about to hit 1,5 million subscribers - probably by next week. He's currently in the 6th spot on the most subscribed list and about 500K back of Smosh, but he will probably catch Fred before is passes Smosh. I will be posting an updated Top 100 Most Subscribed list in the next few days or so.

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