Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DeniseVlogs Busts A Move At The Station

If you went to a Halloween party or any party for that matter and there was dancing, would you be ready? Could you show off some epic dance moves? DeniseVlogs asks people at The Station to show off their best dance moves - starting with Mr Danny Diamond (posing as a custodial engineer):

Now Danny can dance, which you can tell from his videos (oh, wait, he made them all private so you can see them anymore), but he does show some moves in this one. And the lovely Ceciley looks pretty good shakin' what her mommy gave her.

And of course, what would a video from The Station be without at least one shot of hiimrawn's butt crack. As far as Joe Felice, when did he become such a tough taskmaster? I always thought Joe was the ultimate nice guy when I saw him, but I guess that was (Using my best Jon Lovitz voice) Act-ting!

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