Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Olga Kay's Circus: Cool Stuff From Youtube's OlgaKay

Here it is! Olga Kay's Circus. Telling the story of Youtuber olgakay joining the circus as a young girl. There are choices of performers for viewers to check out. And Olga herself looks gorgeous of course, from the fresh-faced girl at the beginning of the video and as the seasoned professional juggler (and dancer) towards the end.

Luckily there is also behind the scenes of the making of Olga Kay's Circus. Hey, there's MysteryGuitarman, and actor David Lawrence from Heroes as the Ringmaster. See below:

The following video is Day 2. More behind the scenes.

And Day 3. Olga gets interviewed and further behind the scenes stuff.


  1. Sweet! A comment from Olga Kay. I think she's actually the first Youtuber to leave a comment on this blog, so Olga Kay rocks as far as Bradshaw's Blog is concerned.


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