Friday, June 18, 2010

Sontard Has Massive Football Skills & Babytard Speaks

Looks like Shay is helping out his younger brother Logan pick out some fine speakers. Sontard once again busts out his epic dance moves as they test out the speakers on the kids. Flash forward to Sontard's flag football game and he looks pretty big compared to the other players. I think he's gonna be a big dude when he gets older.

Then later in the truck Babytard says something to her dad (Shay) that is just uber-cute. You'll have to watch it for what she says. Really, you should sub to them if you have a YouTube account. A link to their channel is SHAYTARDS. Go there now & subscribe. Shay uploads a new vlog EVERY day and they always are good.

Shay's brother Logan also has his own channel called LoganMckay55 and his sister Carlie (the hot blonde throwing the football and cheerleading in this one) has her own channel called CarlieSass.

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