Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wheezy Waiter Proves He's A Cunning Linguist & Mediocre Juggler

If you saw wheezywaiter's last video, Tip Your Waiter, Wheezy (aka Craig to true Wheezy aficionados) mentioned that a soccer player had been from "Derby-shire" pronouncing it like the Shire from Lord Of The Rings, and was inundated by comments saying "Wheezy! It's pronounced like "Dahrby-sure" so he sets about righting his linguistical error in this video.

He also sets to prove that is a multitasking kind of guy that can breath and juggle. Olgakay he's not. In case you don't know who Olgakay is, she's the hot Russian juggler/actress on YouTube.

And we get to see Craig's temporary roommate "Ty, The Regular Guy" (well not really, I think he's still hiding out).

I really have to send in a wink to Wheezy. Gotta see my radio-friendly mug on one of my favorite Youtuber's channel.

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