Thursday, June 24, 2010

iJustine Prepares To Do Battle For The New iPhone

The video above shows ijustine and her sister Bree getting really to nab one of the new iphones that are just coming out. She can't decide on what saying should be on her t-shirt and asks folks what her shirt should say and a guy named "tech2030" tells her to get "I'm in line for iphone 5". Afterwards, they decide to get one for Bree, who just doesn't want to be at the Apple store and she gets "idon't want to be here."

My secret Internet girlfriend, ijustine, shows her inner craftiness and buys a matching black t-shirt and iron-on lettering and makes Bree's shirt for her. You can see both in the video below where ijustine almost does cartwheels out the Apple store with her new iphone clutched tightly.

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