Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Establishment Press Furious With Rolling Stone's Hastings

Isn't it sad when you have to go to The Rolling Stone to get some actual hard news? I agree whole-heartedly with Cenk Uygur of TheYoungTurks on this one. The mainstream or "Establishment" reporters are sadly lacking in what they report about the U.S. military. Both Geraldo Rivera and Lara Logan unashamedly try to smash the reporter who broke the story about (now retiring) General Stanley McChrsytal's comments about the administration that caused his being fired. He was allowed to resign, but obviously Obama let him go.

Both admit that what they do is just report positively on whatever the military does just so they can maintain access. All they care about is is covering their asses and getting their paycheque. They have no concern about reporting the truth.

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