Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hey_Bradshaw On Twitter Now In Blog Form

Finally I'm starting this blog. I've been considering starting this little project for some time and decided to just start typing. Basically it will be a blog about Youtube and all that goes on there. Maybe you'll like it, maybe not. Feel free to tell me to put a sock in it if you don't like what I'm saying, but if you do enjoy my ramblings, let me know. If you want me to mention something do likewise.

I've been on Twitter for a while and thought I would try to help keep all the good folks on YouTube up to date on what's happening over there. My twitter is Hey_Bradshaw if you want to follow me there. Why "Hey Bradshaw"? Well, that's what everyone calls me. I'm just Bradshaw. It's not my first name (it's actually Chris), but friends, co-workers (even some family) just call me Bradshaw.

I am also over at YouTube as well. On YouTube I'm DellBoy010. Why "DellBoy010"? Not really sure why I picked DellBoy. Just a different name. Kinda geeky - like HellBoy, but because I had a Dell computer when I signed up, I guess I'm "DellBoy". I haven't uploaded any of my own videos to YouTube yet, but I would like to at some point. I just don't know what I'd say. So if you're on YouTube, send a friend request, or subscribe to my channel. Either way, it costs you nada. 

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