Friday, June 25, 2010

John Green Steals Books! Vlogbrothers Secrets Revealed!

The awful truth comes out in this episode of the vlogbrothers that noted author John Green is secretly a major thief of books "and other swag" as this renegade of literature calls his ill-gotten gains.

Well actually John tells Hank that they just give these books and stuff away at these book conferences that he goes to. Why haven't I heard about this before? I'd love to have a gavel-pen. And free books. I guess that finding this ultra-secret info is a side benefit of being a member of the Nerdfighters. One way to prove that you have the cajones to be a nerdfighter is by being subbed to Hank and John.

If you don't know who they are or what these "vlogbrothers" are, well, they are actual brothers who vlog mon-fri, with one brother doing a vlog and a reply the next by the other brother. Both are steeped in nerdiness and that's just fine, thank you very much. The vlogbrothers are subbed by over 245k youtubers and both are interesting, complex and geek-cool in the most positive of ways and have been vlogging for over 3 years. Sub to them only if you enjoy all that is thought-provoking, funny and furnished with gobs of awesomeness.

And if you missed Hank's sheer joy about Viacom's lawsuit defeat at the hands of Google (and the USA's big win at the World Cup), here it is:

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