Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ijustine Extolls On The Beauty That Is Harris Teeter

Once again my secret Internet girlfriend ijustine has returned to Harris Teeter with her family in tow and sings about the wonders that are in that fine store aka "Your Neighborhood Food Market" that is, if your neighborhood is located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, or Florida.

We are allowed to hear the dulcet tones of ij's singing (they're dulcet you haters of Justine's singing!) about the store that her clan visits yearly. And yes, that's her sister Jenna also known to Youtubers as itsmejennae pushing the shopping cart and lending a hand vocally. Don't care if you think her singing is cringe-worthy. Let the girl sing and dance. I'll always give you a thumbs up for your songs ijustine.

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