Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Just In: Princesstard Is A Boozer!

Sometimes the pressure of bigtime Inter-webs entertainment just gets to you. It's an unfortunate by-product of the stress of being under the gun and always being "on". In the above video from SHAYTARDS, a tearful shaycarl tells the world about his daughter Princesstard's battle with the bottle. What are you nuts? Princesstard is only drinking root beer.

Anyway, in this edition of the Shaytards, after Shay was considering the purchase of a tread mill and of course, Mommytard had to swoop in to save the day with her mad assembly skills as Shay claimed Katilette will do a much better job than him. Babytard starts it off by getting her tread on lol. Shay's latest personal challenge is to 6.6 miles EACH day and try to get 100 miles of tread mill work completed by the end of the month. Good luck Shay.

I'm liking the new opening because they included Rocktard (or Brotard as I think they should him).

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