Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Station: What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say?

For me, my fortune cookies always say stuff like "That wasn't chicken" or the old standby "Help! I'm being held captive in a fortune cookie factory!" (Yea, I know, old lame jokes Bradshaw) but what would you do if you found youself in the situation above? Personally I think this chain of events was all caused by the smirking waiter sarcastically saying thanks for the 9% tip. Just ask wheezywaiter about the proper amount to tip a waiter.

Right now I'm following timothydelaghetto (he plays Pete the hero in this one), but I'll have to check out both Lindsey Reckmis (Kate) from recklesstortuga and Brian Singleton (Dave) from thisisdormlife.

Never seen either before and Lindsey's channel has 191K subs! Brian's channel needs some Youtuber love as they seem to have only 10K or so. Of course, that's like 10x what I have for subs, but ya gotta start somewhere right? Use the links above to go to their respective channels if you wanna sub to them. Tell them Bradshaw sent you. Okay, that's uber-lame, you don't have to mention my name.

Although TheStation's had some spotty reviews (especially in the beginning), I think they are getting better, and it is cool seeing some Youtubers you don't usually know in the mix. Check out the video below for some "behind the scenes" stuff.

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