Friday, June 18, 2010

sxePhil On Sammiches

Sandwiches, or sammiches as Philip DeFranco calls them is the topic of the day. Love the opening "Many people confuse this with my main channel..."

If you don't know sxephil, you just haven't been on Youtube. Phil's been doing videos for quite a while and has several channels on Youtube, this one is "the vloggity" and you can get "Philled in" on his main channel The Philip DeFranco Show or his tech channel liketotallyawesome where he covers everything that appeals to the geek inside (like games, movies, etc).

The question is of course, what is your favorite part of a sandwich? Me, it's the fresh, crusty bread. Best part of a sammich is the surprise sammich, ie: the one brought to you unannounced by your significant other. Doesn't a sandwich made by someone else ALWAYS taste better than the one you made?

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