Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Slip's Family After Toy Story 3

Happy Slip, aka Christine Gambito is at home relaxing with a household of rambunctious kids enjoying some ice cream and discussing the movie Toy Story 3. She cried at a Pixar movie, lol. Oh Christine, grow a pair. Actually that would be difficult because I for one didn't know that one of my favorite YouTubers was preggers! 6 months along according to the momma. Many congrats to Christine - and she's looking for names. Her Father had a few gems, but she quickly struck those off the list. If you have some boys names, drop her a line.

One thing, this video was uploaded to her 2nd channel, christinegambito, which is more for for personal vlogs like this while her main Happy Slip channel is skit city. If you think of some good names (or highly inappropriate names), give her a shout on Twitter at happyslip.

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