Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Charles & Alli Go Garlic Pot Shopping

I guess I'm a bit of a sucker for daily vlogs. Charles Trippy and his fiancee Alli Speed have been doing their Internet Killed Television vlogs for over 400 straight days now (how do they cope?) and keep on putting out funny stuff that they video from their every day lives. A big part of what makes them enjoyable is their two dogs, Zoe (the big one with the tongue that hangs about a foot from her mouth) and Marley (the mischievous little ball of energy). The dogs are in just about every vlog and you see their different personalities when at the dog park for example: Zoe is a romper who seems to love visiting the other canines, while little Marley is more tenative and VERY territorial. She won't abide having another dog snooping around her people.

But it's Charles & Alli that make the series so good. Mr Trippy has a dazed and confused attitude to what's happening around him, while Alli appears level-headed - but still she's just as goofy as Charles. They really make a good couple together and complement each other very well.

I started watching this series awhile back when Alli was studying in Spain and Charles was back home in Florida. They obviously missed each terribly and you could sense that in their vlogs at the time. What was cool about the series was that about half of each vlog was just about Alli and her misadventures with her fellow students in Europe (liked it when her parents showed up) and Charles bombing around Florida. I've been watching ever since.

I didn't realize Alli had her own channel until recently, called Alli. She's been on YouTube since 2005 and Charles has been doing the YouTube thing since 2006 on his own channel charlestrippy.

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