Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Olga Kay Goes To Her Accent Coach

If you're following Olga Kay on her main YouTube channel, olgakay, you might not know that she has this channel she calls OlgaKay2. This 2nd channel is something of a daily blog for Olga. We get to meet her accent coach who also is a Youtuber herself as theaccentcoach. Liked seeing Olga working on her american accent - but as always, Olga please don't lose the sexy Russian accent. It sounds like she's starting to get the American accent. Liked the "Claudette'll go" and "Olga'd go."

And do you know where she go that "doggle" word. I'm pretty sure she meant doggie. If you haven't seen her previous videos here's "I'M A NARCISSIST" from a couple of days before.

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