Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TheWillofDC: I Hate YouTube Spammers!

Thanks TheWillofDC for voicing what I have been thinking about the spam I have been getting on YouTube. Personally I haven't uploaded any videos myself and I have been getting messages on YouTube such as "Wow! Great video! Why haven't you been featured?" Blah, blah, freakin' blah. Maybe if you actually looked at my channel you'll see why I haven't had a video featured... because I haven't UPLOADED ANYTHING! At least look at the channels if you are going to try to contact people, dumb*ss. Spam is sooo annoying.

Will also mentions something about YouTube's video editor which helps adding music to your clips.

Below is a video to help you report spam to the powers that be at YouTube.

Personally I like getting messages in my inbox. I'm just small fry as far as YouTubers go so messages to me are few and far between - does it sound like I'm begging for some youtuber love? lol. Most of what I get is unsolicited stuff like "Hey, check out my video and pleeeeassse subscribe!" That's okay. The stuff that is CORPORATE crap or like the blatant crap like I mentioned above is the stuff I truly hate and want to put a stop to.

Can you imagine what someone like ShaneDawsonTV or Shaycarl gets as far as spam? Sure they probably get a ton of messages from fellow youtubers who want to just tell them they like their videos and ask them to do this or that on them, but they must get smothered with spam because of the huge subscriber bases they have. Stop spam now!

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