Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shane Dawson Spotted At 3am Waiting For An iPhone 4

Are you one of the those people who waited in line all freaking night for an iphone? Are you a collossal nerd? Here we find Shane Dawson and his buddy Jerry prowling the streets at around 3am looking for iphone geeks to make fun of. This is Shane making fun of his other friend (wait, Shane has friends?) who has camped out in the giddy hope of scooping up one of the new iphones and walks out with an ipad. Um, dude those came out like ahile ago and you're camping out now?

Laughed out loud when Shane woke him and asked if he was waiting for the next Twilight movie. And then Shane did some odd body movements that he called "dancing."

Turned out his buddy got an ipad and plans on shooting it. The target was pretty classy. Need to see more of this kind of stuff Shane, you know, late night shenanigans.

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