Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shay! Let Katilette Have The Camera More Often!

Love seeing Katilette when she nabs the camera from Shay in the SHAYTARDS vlogs. One of my favorite parts is at about 3:02 when Mommytard is in the car taking the tardlets to swimming practice and Princesstard starts mugging for the camera lol. She's a natural ham like Shay. And the part where she asks the kids "Everyone loves to clean their room, right guys?!" And Sontard give the "wadya nuts" stare.

Unfortunately Shay hasn't been able to stick to his schedule on the treadmill, but from personal experience, getting it done daily is very hard. We all still support the bearded Tard and hope he can keep at it. It's always good to see shaycarl working to lose a little excess Shay.

Also Mighty Spider Hunter, Princesstard takes out a dastardly arachnid in the kids room.

I like hearing Shay mention that he does read the comments left by us viewers. He talked about this because of the reaction in the comments to the last Shaytards video, which is below. And what do you think about Shay dyeing his beard? The video from the day before has a great picture of Mommytard with a beautiful smile as the thumbnail.

And the end of this video is uber-cute with Shay and the littlest tard cuddling. Just classic Shaytards.

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