Monday, June 14, 2010

Wheeeeezzzy Waaaiter... On Flag Day

Just in case you are not subscribed to wheezywaiter (how can you not be subbed to Craig?) here's his latest ode to David Hasselhoff, er, Flag Day.

Wheezy is an acquired taste, but ALWAYS makes me snicker. Once I think he caused water to come out of my nose from laughing which is kinda weird considering I wasn't drinking anything at the time. He has 94K+ subs and needs more. Also, send him winks. He uses some great clips from his audience winking. And of course, he loves it when the coffee's done. You'll get that after watching him for a few days (then you'll be hooked).

And a word to the wise: Stay away from the bagel stand on fridays unless you're willing to face some weezy fury.

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