Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vlogbrothers On Contemporary Art & Outhouses

John Green, who makes up one half of the vlogbrothers, discusses the contemporary art at 100 Acres Nature Park in Indianapolis (yes he brought the Yeti). The manmade island in the middle of the lake that is being inhabited by 2 people is kinda cool. Lots of stuff to see there.

If you are not following John and Hank Green (how? why not?) you should be. It's as simple as that. They're both smart and their videos are always entertaining. You honestly never really know what they are going to say. They are also the home of Nerdfighters who "fight against suck" and fight for awesomeness in the world.

One of their goals is "The Evil Baby Orphanage" where they plan on using a time machine to kidnap historical despots in infancy, like baby Hitler, and "pre"-habilitate them at a mountain retreat in Tibet. Hank used to have a new song every other Wednesday (bring them back Hank!). John also is a published author with 3 books under his belt and working on his fourth.

Oh and the Yeti mentioned above is John's wife who doesn't appear onscreen. Why not? According to John: "the cute would break your screen." John and his wife just recently had their first child, Henry.

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