Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shaytards Go Camping And Shay Wonders If The Tardlets Will Remember

The Shaytards are still up in the cabin and as Shay walks outside his mother tries to convince him to relax and put the camera DOWN! But Shay has to tell all us fans of the SHAYTARDS about what they're doing on their second day in the mountains.

The kids are on an old wooden bridge, trying to feed the fish that you can see through the crisp, clear water of the crick below them, but are being hassled by a flock of seagulls. Babytard is uber-cute as always.

Shay asks one of life's questions: Will his kids remember this camping trip when they grow up? What do you think? Will the kids remember a camping trip with Mom, Dad, Grampa & Grandma and their (I say hot) Aunt Carlie and cousin Coopertard? Answer in the comments below. I remember alot of the camping trips my own family took when I was a child, even back to when I was Princesstard's age. Obviously it will be a bit more difficult to remember these moments for the kiddos: Babytard and Cooper (let alone Rocktard).

But Shay and Katilette take a bunch of videos and tons of pictures so the kids will be able to remember. I wish I had video and more pictures of my own family from when I was that age! Don't you?

Also, I'm subbed to LenaDanya and she did this great portrait of the Beard That Walks Like A Man, Shay. If you like it, go to her video and give thumbs up.

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