Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brittani Louise Taylor Does Vegas, Baby!

How do these Youtube folks always seem to be at Vegas baby? It seems that every time I turn around SOMEONE else is dropping in on the Las Vegas strip and this time it's BrittaniLouiseTaylor and a gaggle of her friends.

The fine folks at sponsored Brittani's trip and gave her the VIP experience at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel. Okay, HOW DO I GET THEM To SPONSOR ME?! Well, Bradshaw, um, you have like 14 subs and no videos posted. Brittani Louise Taylor has 444,159 subs (and counting) and over 37 million views on her videos. I gotta get some videos uploaded on YouTube cuz I want perks like this!

Brittani has been posting to YouTube since March 2007 and uploaded a bunch of odd vids on
rhondaanthonytanner, but now that old channel has basically been combined with her new channel. She really found traction when she started appearing in videos with YouTube phenom Shane Dawson. Here's the first video from her own channel:

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