Monday, June 21, 2010

Shaycarl & Family Go To A Wedding For Fathers Day

It's Fathers Day and Shaycarl and his Dad are off to get their surprise gifts. Mommytard and Shay's Mom are taking them for a special day. Lots of shots of Rocktard (or Brotard as I call him).

Then the SHAYTARDS men are off to the mountains for some shootin', cussin' and spittin'. Shay, his Dad, Sontard and brother Logan take out some clay pidgeons and run into some rattlesnakes.

After the male bonding part, the whole Shaytards clan gathers for the wedding of one of Shay's cousins. Honestly looks like a great time. Lots of video of Sontard bustin' a move and Katilette dancing with Princesstard and Babytard hangin' on for dear life as Shay dances with her. Congrats to Shay's family as it looks like they rocked the place.

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