Monday, June 21, 2010

Ceciley Takes On A Tour Of The Station's New Office

Lovely ceciley takes us on a tour of The Station's new office. She had some old footage on a broken computer and decided to upload it. Kind of interesting to see the empty office and a bunch of Youtubers just kickin' back mid-move.

They go up on the roof through a hole in the ceiling and look around as most of us would when moving into a new place. You'll see several YouTube folks who regularly contribute to The Station's videos including HimRawn and Whatadayderek.

Used to see Ceciley in the background when folks working at The Station were getting their makeup done and once in a while they would talk to her and comments were all like "Who is that pretty girl?" and she finally started posted her own vlogs. She now has over 60,000 subs (gotta love those eyes and dimples). She is trying to be an actress in L.A. and this is a start. You might recognize her as the mom on Lisa Nova's MollyisSoCoolLIKE channel.

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