Friday, June 25, 2010

Can Someone Please Stop Princesstard From Smiling?

Really! Someone Pul-ease stop little Princesstard from smiling so much. It's sooo annoying. Okay, now that you're through tossing garbage at me and swearing, I'm kidding. Princesstard is uber-cute. I really think she's probably going to grow up into an actress or Youtuber herself as she looovves the camera being on her.

Shay responds to the last SHAYTARDS video, "Don't Circumcise Me, Bro!" because of the avalanche of comments from viewers to Shay & Katilette's decision to snip little Rocktard's tallywacker. What is your opinion on circumcision? I know it's actually quite a topic for some gathered from reading all the comments on the video. Personally, I think it's entirely up to the child's parents and they felt it was appropriate in Rocktard's case so I'll leave it with that.

Hot Mommytard & Interpretative Dance

Shay shares a video that's on his local TV station showing Katilette doing an interpretive dance from eight years before and what was going through his mind as he watched it while in the audience at the time. He jokes that they should sell copies through their channel, but decide against it. He also says that Mommytard should do some interpretive dance for some of their videos.

Just in case you haven't seen the circumcision video yet, here it is:

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