Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alli's Mutating Garlic Plant And Mad B-Ball Skills

Check out the garlic plant that Alli and Charles planted just a week ago. It is actually getting close to full size now and the seeds part at the top of the stalk will begin sprouting. I actually have some garlic growing in my back garden (thanks to my neighbor Dominic) and it will be ready to harvest some. I don't know how Charles & Alli (let alone the dogs) can stand having a garlic plant actually growing inside the house. I love, love, love garlic, but that must be a little pungent.

Next we see Alli trying to shoot some hoops. Cheers for Charles for getting some footage of Alli getting a few buckets (after a number of air balls). Love Alli's reaction to Charles Trippy's first drivers licence picture. And the shots of Zoe as a little puppy. Earlier in the video we see Zoe standing on her hind legs and she is HUGE! Almost as tall as Alli who is holding a treat for her. Just like kids the pooches get so big so fast.

And Alli has a run in with a gaggle of geese. Weird that they are still hanging around the Florida area. Usually they're all partying up in Canada at this time of year.

When Charles spotted Alli jogging and hocked and hooted at her he mentioned guys don't usually get that sort of attention from women. Actually it did happen to me one time when I was a teenager. I had been playing basketball and was walking home with my b-ball, shirtless, in shorts and a hot sweaty mess basically. 2 cars with women honked at me and I remember thinking "Thanks ladies!" Of course I was, like I said, a teenager and about 130 pounds of lean love muscle lol. These days any honking I would get would probably be to "Get that off the streets dude! No one wants to see THAT!"

And in case you haven't seen Alli's bread challenge with her brother, that's it above. And once again, if you aren't subbed to their channels, here's Alli's Alli, and here's CTFxC. Sub NOW!

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