Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shaytards & CTFxC On Soccer World Cup

Charles Trippy & Alli have some friends over to watch the American World Cup team taking on Ghana (USA lost) and then Alli climbs on Charles while an anxious Zoe watching closely. The folks at Chez CTFxC at the same peeps we saw in previous vids (their channel is viralvomit and Charles looked a little anxious himself in yesterday's video while doing doughnuts in the jeep).

Liked seeing a smidgen of the latest challenge which will be on alli's channel - not there yet, may be posted 2moro!).

Both CFTxC and the SHAYTARDS started their respective videos with the USA versus Ghana game and ended in a wink. Both used the same image on their thumbnails and the Shaytards are notorious for posting yet in the day. Hmmm. What's up with that? Here's the Shaytards latest:

As far as the winks that both Shay & Charles do at the end of their videos, I'm wondering if the sent them into Wheezy Waiter because it looks like Wheezy just hit the 100,000 subscriber level. But I could be wrong. Hard to tell what these two knuckleheads are up to sometimes.

It might have something to do with this big camping trip that Shay and Katilette are taking the tardlets on this weekend.

Also, Shay has a contest for pictures (or t-shirt or whatever) showing the "Best Spot In The Lot." Watch the video for more details.

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