Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OlgaKay Has The Internet By The Balls: Lucky Internet! MOOSH!

OlgaKay is a yummy little Russian juggler/actress/comedian. I find spotted Olga when she appeared in a shaycarl video. She walked into a room and I thought hmmm who is THAT? Very cute. So of course I moved into stalker-mode and went to her channel and started watching her videos. It said something about Olga having "the Internet by the balls" so I went to her first videos which featured Olga juggling. Point one - she's a great juggler.

OlgaKay started out a juggler in the circus (yep, she's circus folk) and a bunch of her first few uploads showed her training. She's uploaded a lot of videos and also has a second channel, OlgaKay2. All together, the lovely youtuber has over 15 million views on all her videos and over 230,000 subs on her main channel and another 40,000 on her 2nd. She has been taking several classes (both acting and accent) and working to become an actress. She has done videos with some of her classmates and her accent coach - hopefully she won't completely lose that sexy Russian accent though.

But what's with this MOOSH! business? Olga named one of her cats Mooshka (I dunno if I got the spelling right), and uses Moosh as a greeting and mostly to say goodbye on her videos. She also calls her followers the Moosh Army. Really, you should sub to her channels. She's also on Facebook, Twitter, Dailybooth, and basically all over the Inter-Webs. So, yes, OlgaKay does have the Internet by the balls.

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