Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Michael Buckley: Funniest Tweet Of The Day Award

If I were to give an award for The Funniest Tweet Of The Day, it would have to go to Michael Buckley for the following:

Trying to pick a thumbnail for my Lasik video tomorrow! I wish my eye looked more like a boob.

If you are following Buck on one or both of his channels, his WHATTHEBUCKSHOW where is does his show, or the one he uses for his more personal communcations with his subs called peron75, you probably know that he just had Lasik surgery on his eyes and plans to upload the video of it tomorrow. Should be interesting viewing, but hopefully it won't be too graphic. Make sure you check it out when he posts it.

Apparently Buck will continue to use the same style of glasses that we are all familiar with only with false lenses. Can't really expect him to change from his iconic glasses now can ya?

Oh yeah, and if you aren't following Buck on Twitter (and why not?!), his Twitter is @buckhollywood.

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