Friday, June 25, 2010

CTFxC: Demon Dogs, Frozen Yogurt And Sexting With KassemG

Aha! I knew it! Zoe and Marley are actually demon dogs. When Charles uses his new iphone on Zoe at the beginning we see the soulless dweller of the nether world that lives with Charles & Alli. Well, not really. Zoe seems to be one of the most happy-go-lucky mutts in the world, but Marley on the other hand, ya don't need special camera work to know she's 2 pounds of trouble in a 1 pound sack.

Don't you just love frozen yogurt? Alli & Charles go to one of those serve-yerself type places before coming home to play some games with friends. I don't recognize any of them. Trippy also gets to try out a ride in one of those jeeps he showed in a previous video. Two friends of his (John and Anthony)are going to Panama with these suped-up vehicles and will be shown on their channel called Viral Vomit. Might be interesting, so you might want to check it out.

And Charles and KassemG check out the perv feature on the new iphone (called FaceTime) that will allow folks to actually see each other as they speak. Cool, but it does open up the possiblity of some creepy calls. Like, "...oh, sorry, I just got outta the shower to answer my iphone and dropped my towel. Let me just bend over to pick it up" ewww. Still interesting to see a cameo by Kassem. Looks like he's got his new iphone too. Am I the only one who hasn't got on of those contraptions? Did you see ijustine's videos about getting hers? Here's ijustine gets her new iphone. Meanwhile Charles and Kassem have a conversation about the merits and bonuses of the new feature.

What do you think of CTFxC's new end song?

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