Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bullying The Bully From Failblog

Gotta love failblog! This latest video shows some jerk on a subway I call Bob Noxious who is trying to intimidate a woman. Buddy sitting across from her is casually reading the newspaper and will have none of it. Classic shut down of a bully. Shows how a bully will fold like a bad suit (or drop like over-sized jeans in this case) when someone stands up to them.

You should take a look at what failblog has uploaded. Tons of great videos where people try to show off and usually get pwned.

As you can see in my post Top 25 Youtubers As Of June 13, 2010, failblog is sitting in 13th spot overall at YouTube as far as subs and they also have had over a billion views which is pretty incredible.

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