Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shane Dawson And The Emo Breakup

Here's Shane Dawson's latest epic video, Emo Breakup: Sex, Lies And Guyliner, coming to a screen near you. His emo girlfriend is of course played by brittanilouisetaylor who has been in a lot of Shane's videos (I still get ROFLs about their Harry Potter vid) and Shane's "friend" from high school is played by joenationtv. Both of these two are sub-worthy, with Brittani is currently sitting in 50th spot are rising fast, but Joe is just outside the top 100.

If you are not subbed to one of Shane Dawson's channels (I thought every new YouTube account came bundled with a Shane sub) here's a link to his main channel: ShaneDawsonTV. I guess you could only really describe Shane as mental as anything. You'll see why after checking out some of his other videos.

Below you'll find a humorous blooper video about the making of Emo Breakup with behind the scenes stuff. It's posted on Shane's 2nd channel ShaneDawsonTV2. He usually posts 3 times a week, mondays it's "Ask Shane", wednesdays it's "Humpday Funday" and fridays its "Behind The Scenes."

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