Friday, June 18, 2010

Buck Tells Us About Miley Cyrus' Ear Tattoo

Michael Buckley, your genial host on his WHATTHEBUCKSHOW fills us in on Miley Cyrus and her latest tattoo. Apparently her pop Billy Ray had no say as Miley inked her ear (eww) with the word love. Don't really care about people getting tattooed, but you should never get it done in the region of you face in my opinion. That just says "trashy". My own Dad always said never ever get a tattoo (he had one lol) or he'd kick my butt, so I never even considered it. This was of course before tats became super-popular. Still, tattoos are rarely nice looking. Personally, I would never put something on my body permanently that I wouldn't put on my wall.

Many tattoos just don't look very nice - especially over time. Megan Fox's Marilyn Monroe tat may look okay now, but down the line it'll start looking like Phyllis Diller or (eek) Joan Rivers. As far as Miley's love tattoo in her ear, yuck. Nice sentiment, but no thanks. She'll be wanting a matching set next - maybe hate on her other ear? May as well put a target on your lower back with a tramp stamp.

Anyway, Mr Buckley is on about what is happening today in the world of entertainment. A little too fixated on the "So You Think You Can Dance" type stuff, but that's what he likes and if you don't like what he reports, don't watch and start your own darn channel and report on what YOU like. I think that's what Buck would say anyway.

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