Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wheezy Waiter: A 2010 Retrospective

It looks like our bearded friend will be abandoning his comedic stylings for a more serious, sedate persona for the coming year, but at least we have this look back at All Things Wheezy Waiter from 2010:

I don't know about you but I was with Wheezy (no, not in his apartment, I mean I was subscribed to his channel) back in the days when he was a carefree lad of 28-29 or so and still an actual waiter (NOW do you get his name?), long before the Internet fame, riches and film star hangers-on (like Scarlett Johansson). No, not me, I mean Wheezy. Sheesh, at least TRY to stay focused.

As he mentioned in the video Wheezy started out the year with about 16,000 subscribers, without a worry in the world (well, except for maybe having Ty The Regular Guy hanging around) and he decided to start uploading videos every week day. At about that point his subscriber base started to take off and he did hit the magical 100,000 subscriber mark (you can find that video here: Wheezy Waiter Says Thanks To 100,000 Fans & Quits YouTube!.

But then Wheezy actually quit his real life day job and started making Youtube videos for reallies - as in, fulltime, like a job, workin' for himself, gettin' paid, being your own boss (I was my own boss for a while but quit because my boss was a jerk), unemployed, a bum, wait what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Wheezy jumped from 16,000 subs (I actually subbed to him when he had just 3,000 subscribers but that was because I have a special talent for spotting soon to be popular Youtube people - well maybe not that special, although all the doctors did tell my mom that I was special, but I won't get into that now).

Now Wheezy is up to 264,000 subscribers and will be closing in on 300,000 sometime in 2011. My prediction for him is that he will make the top 100 Most Subscribed by the end of 2011 and maybe even shortly after VidCon 2011 in July.

One thing he mentions is that he was going to open up the Moderator thing on his main channel (link is at the top of this post) and HE'S DONE IT! Now you can post suggestions on his channel about what you would like him to do in the future. I took a peek and right now one suggestion is that he and his clones should go speed dating. I think I would like to augment (two points for me using a $2 word) that suggestion by saying he and his clones should go speed dating but at a Scarlett Johansson impersonator convention. I know Wheezy would like that - I don't know if the impersonators would like that quite so much, plus I don't know if there are any Scarlett Johansson impersonators let alone any conventions per se (another $2 word).

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