Tuesday, January 11, 2011

AngryAussie And NickosBlog On The Queensland Floods

Here's a couple of videos from two of the Australian youtubers that I follow, namely AngryAussie and NickosBlog and both are trying to raise more awareness for the massive flooding going on in the area of Queensland Australia.

If you've somehow missed this story, there has been a lot of damage done and more importantly the actual loss of lives. The last report I heard was that 10 people had been killed by the rising waters, but as many as 60-70 more people are still reported as missing. Australia is a huge continent and the water covers an area 2 times the size of the state of Texas and I also heard that it would also cover the entire country of France. And the rains continue.

there is something you can do to help if you want to lend a hand and are on the other side of the globe and that is donate to flood relief as well as send your good wishes and support to those working to bring relief to this terrible situation. AngryAussie himself announced he would be contributing a week's pay to flood relief. Which I think shows that Mr Angry for all his anger actually has a heart of gold (just don't tell anyone).

Another thing that AngryAussie brought up in the video is that there is going to be a Youtube Gathering in Melbourne on January 22, 2011 (checkout the Bradshaw's Blog post: Melbourne Youtube Gathering Saturday January 22nd for more info). You really should follow AngryAussie as he posts tons of great videos and skewers the idiots of the world who make him angry. He does not suffer fools gladly and will step up to tell them. He does get a little heated at times, but get past the decibal level of his very appropriately placed anger and you will likely agree with what he says.

Mr Angry has a ga-zillion different contact points (you can even call him if you want!) but other than his main Youtube channel (link above) be sure to follow him on Twitter (@angryaussie) and check out his blog Angry 365 Days a Year which is also linked on this blog - check way down the right hand side for other great blogs of youtubers that I recommend you follow. Give me a shout if you are on Youtube and also make a blog and I'll see if I can add it to the list.

And I can't forget about another Aussie youtuber who I follow that just posted a video about the Queensland flooding situation. NickosBlog, along with his wife Jess and the true star of his vlog, their daughter Immy, do a daily vlog and they also are pitching in to show their support in the following video:

I liked that: "Keep that Aussie spirit alive and burning". Australians are some of the toughest, most loyal people anywhere who even in difficulties such as this, keep their sense of humor and optimism. They just need a bit of support. Do whatever you can and show whatever support you can.

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