Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So, Can iJustine Lick Her Own Elbow?

Here is the latest "Ask IJ" where viewers of iJustine get their questions answered by IJ.

Of course as a good Pittsburgh girl, iJustine admits to being a Pittsburgh Steelers fans (awesome Steelers jersey too) and I have to give the thumbs up because I've been a Steelers fan for ever. Hey, my name is BRADSHAW, as in Terry Bradshaw, Hall of Fame quarterback. May be too old for all the kids, but I have been supporting the Steelers forever. So that's a plus that iJustine knows a good NFL team when she sees one lol.

And can she lick her own elbow? That would be no. Not too many can do that (I can't) but I know several people who can. Maybe it's a Canadian thing. Also liked the pan around her place where iJustine shows that IJ Studios is actually just her apartment. She gets that cool halo effect behind her by using a bright light on the wall. She showed how she sets up her lighting for videos in an earlier video.

What's iJustine's Studio Like?

Actually I like the following video because IJ shows what her set-up is for when she does her videos. They always seem so polished and well done and she shows her viewers what she does to get the effect in her videos.

It seems so easy and doesn't it seem like you could do that too?

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