Sunday, January 9, 2011

CTFxC: Too Many Hoodies And Charles Finds A New Toy

Poor Charles lol. Once again he is swamped with CTFxC hoodies that are all spread around his and Alli's living room getting ready to be shipped out. Can you think of how to help the poor guy out and remove the clutter? He mentioned that he felt it was almost like being on the show "Hoarders". I think it may be time for them to consider moving the hoodie operation out of their living quarters. Charles did like that some of the folks who ordered their sweatshirts and hoodies posted pictures showing some of Zoe and Marley's dog hair that came as an added bonus. Maybe he could add a special pre-packaged Marley hairball, almost like one of those chase cards that you find in sports cards. Just a thought.

Have to admit I lolled at the animation by cybertoons at the start. Very realistic in Alli's "I kill you" expression lol. Also. liked the look Alli was sporting on her way to class with the hair pulled back, sunglasses and black top. Just sayin' she looks good. A little too darn perky for school though and liked her realization that they are actually getting married this year. Felt like telling her not to stress about their forthcoming nuptuals, but like every bride-to-be she'll stress no matter what. Can't wait to see THAT video.

Didn't know about the B&H Photo deal, which is actually pretty cool. Didn't see any negative comments on the video about them getting $1,000 as on other channels you would expect to see comments like "sellout" etc, but that shows CTFxCers are REAL fans. Wouldn't mind getting 1K myself, but I would need to be a Youtube partner first and since I haven't uploaded any videos of my own... but still cool to see. I think I saw Mr Safety got a special camera attachment in one recent video from Youtube. Reason number 837 why I (and you) should be uploading videos and trying to get subs - cool swag!

But once again about all the hoodies - Charles and Alli are doing a good thing by providing them to their fans. The problem is that their fanbase continues to grow and grow and what started out as a small little home-based business is going through some bigtime growing pains. Charles, if you're reading this, and he has read this blog before because he tweeted about it (yes I know I sound like a geeky fanboy cuz I like that Charles read my stuff), you need to move it out of the apartment at some point! You guys need more room to do the packaging and storage and whatnot. As far as I can see, CTFxC is becoming a brand unto itself and you have a couple of choices - grow your brand or let it die on the vine.

I obviously don't know what kind of money they make from the sweatshirt/hoodie side of things (and it's not anyone's business what they make except their own), but they can make the clothing part a real money matter if they chose that direction. But knowing Charles he would probably say it's not about the money, but he likes seeing his viewers happy. Even if he doesn't want to make a ton of money on the merch, he's getting to the point where he needs a hand. He still has to take all the hoodies top the post office and deal with those clowns lol. But enough of my career advice. He and Alli are doing alright without my trying to help lol.

The sticky toy he got was pretty hilarious. My nephew got something like that in his stocking for Christmas and it was a sticky lizard that he was playing with all day, throwing it up and letting it stick to the ceiling and walls. Actually take a look at the other video Charles uploaded about the epic 80s sticky toy:

Charles uploaded it to his iPhone channel where they post lots of stuff like this. If you aren't also subbed to that one, it's Trippy.

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