Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LinzLoves Behind The Scenes At Maroon 5 Video Shoot

I was just on Twitter and LinzLoves tweeted that she was going to go see a video that the band Maroon 5 was making at the nearby Santa Monica Pier so she grabbed her camera to shoot some behind the scenes stuff:

I was reading some of the comments that viewers were leaving Linz and they asked about all the various people sneaking in to the shot and having their picture taken and Linz mentioned that they were supposed to do that. I was half expecting her to make a beeline herself, but I'm guessing Linz was a bit embarrassed to do it (she really should have though lol). Maybe she's just too much of a fangirl herself as she wrote on the video "Adam Levine is sex on a stick" but hey, we all have our celeb crushes right?

Don't know what you think about Maroon 5, I liked that song they had a few years back called "This Love" - a very unique sound to lead singer Adam Levine's voice.

Like I said, I found out about this from following Linz on Twitter and you can follow her @LinzLuvs. She had another Twitter handle but started this one (unfortunately some else has "LinzLoves", but this is close enough). She found out about the video being shot because she follows Adam Levine on Twitter (he's @adamlevine). I guess that's one of the perks of living in California - you're nearby when this stuff goes down. Not much happens in my remote part of the Great White North (Canada), although I used to see tons of film crews and stars when I lived in Vancouver. But, through the magic of Youtube, Linz has us there too.

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