Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey Hey, You Can Ask... KassemG?

I must have way, way too many channels that I am subscribed to because I somehow missed a bunch of these "Ask Kassem" videos from KassemG but that's probably because he's blocked my access to his various channels which is likely covered in the paperwork I got with that restraining order. That wacky Kassem. Always joking around. He even joked with the officers who led me away after I visited him about using the nightstick and tazer on me. But back to the video:

This video was actually posted on Kassem's 2nd channel called KassemGtwo which is also getting quite a few subscribers (346,771) and will probably be in the Top 100 shortly. How did I find out he had posted this video? Probably because of my Twitter account @kassemGfanboy9 but don't tell him about that account. If you want to stalk, sorry, the lawyers say I have to say follow (how is following not stalking? This is all so confusing) Kassem on Twitter, you can follow him @kassemg (but you didn't hear that from me).

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