Sunday, January 9, 2011

Melbourne Youtube Gathering Saturday January 22nd

I always try to give a shout out when I hear about a Youtube gathering (even those I can't attend) and there's going to be one in Melbourne, Australia on January 22nd, 2011 from 12pm to 3pm. kimmitalks (aka KimmiSmiles) just posted this video and I thought I should alert my readers in Australia (yes I do have readers, plural lol, in Australia) - actually the Aussies make up a sizable chunk of my viewership. I get read by Americans, Canadians, UK, and then the Aussies who are a little under-represented on this blog which I plan to remedy. But I'm off topic. Watch this video by Kimmi:

It looks like DaveDays will be showing up and he and Kimmi have collaborated for several videos.

According to the info Kimmi provided on her video, the gathering will be on the 22nd at "Federation Square, meet in front of the Giant Screen/Stage". I really wish I could go to this mainly because I've never had the opportunity to go to Australia and I think everyone should visit Australia at least once. Also I'd to get away from the snow and ice (I live in Canada and it is the dead of winter). So I guess I'll have to just have my envy to keep me warm while Dave, Kimmi and the other lucky youtubers bask in the sun.

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  1. Just watched another Aussie talking about the Melbourne Gathering. The flame-haired Louna Maroun
    who reminded her subs about it and gave details about who might be showing up:

    Dave Days
    Kimmi Smiles
    Twisted Tim

    Dave, Kimmi and Mr Angry all posted vids about it and they will be there. So, if you are in the area, stop by.

    And for those wondering when the heck I'm going to post a "Most Subscribed Australians List", I'm working on it now.


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