Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shaytards: Apparently Shay Has A Large Package

Um, that would mean Shay went to the post office and received something in the mail, not what you were thinking. But before that, there's a little bit of fun at home with the Shaytards. I don't know why Shay's sister Carlie (the hot blonde with the, um, blue teeth) doesn't have a channel of her own yet. She seems like a hoot. She did have one a while back but deleted it because she didn't like the negative comments. But she does seem like a natural performer like Shay.

I was a little ill at ease watching the tardlets jumping down the stairs, but I knew Shay would catch them (and more importantly the kids trust him to be there to catch them).

I think the funniest part had to be when Shay went to the Post Office and desperately tried to explain the procedures involved when they receive a large package that won't fit in your box. Can you imagine that conversation?
The postal worker says something like "Well hello Shay! I see you have a large package today" as Shay tries to stifle a giggle. That was a cool head mount he received. I think I watched a video over on the CTFxC channel where Charles Trippy bought one just before he went on a snow boarding trip.

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