Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boxxy Is Back Baby! Be Afraid: Be Very Afraid

Yes, She is back! The Internet meme you all love to hate, Boxxy will be returning to Youtube. Her channel is ANewHopeee (and her real name is Catie by the way) and she made the video below to answer questions about whether or not she was ever going to make another video. And yes that really is Boxxy, it was all an act. Sorry to burst yer bubble:

Are you shocked? baffled? don't care? Asking who f--- is "Boxxy"? If you don't know who the infamous Boxxy is, either you're relatively new to Youtube and the Internet in general or you been able to wipe her memory from your memory chips (good work!)

But if you need a Boxxybabee refresher course, watch the video below:

Sorry to subject you to that if you have managed to remove that from your head, but I thought you need to get ready for this - it will be a fairly big story over the next week or so. When and if Catie does post a new video (as Boxxy) after all this anticipation (yes, hard to believe but there are actual Boxxy fans, dozens of them in fact) you can expect an immediate negative letdown that "oh dear god, why oh why didn't they just let this character die and pass into our faded memory" but it will get massive views, I guarantee it. Everyone will be talking about "have you seen the new Boxxy video?" and then it will disappear again. Again guaranteed.

She doesn't say when she will post this new Boxxy video, but as any good marketer will tell you - always leave them wanting more. And like it or not here she comes again.

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