Friday, January 7, 2011

Under The Radar: Have You Heard About LIGHTS?

One of the cool things about Youtube is that you can stumble across a channel or a person who you have had no idea was on the website at all. There are TONS of people who are having an impact musically and artistically and getting lots of subscribers just by doing their own thing. One is lights a Canadian musician who recently completed a tour (called the "Are We There Yeti") and captured a lot of footage which she has uploaded to Youtube. Take a look:

I always like seeing people on Youtube who are still at the point before betime fame finds them and in the video you see Lights interacting with some of her fans (like that part where she sneaks up on some people waiting outside and surprises one girl). Really an interesting video.

She is finding some success as she goes along, and a couple of her music videos got into the rotation on Much Music (sort of like Canada'a MTV). Make sure you check out her channel as she's uploaded a lot of music. There's also her website called which is a home base for fans of Lights - her fans have dubbed themselves the LIGHTSarmy and her YouTube channel will soon pass the 100,000 mark. Her website is full of info about her music and Lights' background and how she reached this point in her career.

I guess I could have added this under my "Under The Radar" section of this blog but haven't had the time to get it updated recently, but I had to point those interested in music coming from elsewhere than just the big established stars and record companies.

Here's one of her newer songs called "My Boots":

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