Monday, January 10, 2011

TheYoungTurks: The Largest Online News Show And Why You Should Be Watching It

If you are on Youtube you most likely have stumbled across a video by TheYoungTurks. The channel is primarily hosted by Cenk Uygur and their bread and butter is coverage of political news events of the day but they also take a look at other news stories that are sure to catch you attention. And before all you 18 and under folks allow your eyes to glaze over at the thought of "politics" and news coverage, you should watch at least some of their videos.

Personally I love the way they absolutely skewer and deflate the falsehoods and rhetoric that are foisted on the public by those trying to bamboozle people - which includes politicians of every political stripe. They are not afraid to call a liar out and regularly pull those trying to shape major stories to their own ends onto the carpet demanding an explanation. But they also delve into stuff that is fun. It seems like the set of The Young Turks would be a great place to work as even with the worst stories, humor is allowed to exist unlike what you see on most of so-called major news shows. Here's an example of a fun story that they posted recently about actress Raven Symone.

One aspect of the show that is particularly appealing is the interaction of the main hosts, Cenk Uygar and Ana Kasparian (both of whom you can follow on Twitter). Cenk has lately been doing a lot of work over at MSNBC, sometimes as a commentator as well as filling in for the host Dylan Ratigan from time to time. I have other posts here where I mention how the ratings go up when Cenk hosts (hopefully we won't lose him from TYT to MSNBC fulltime), but as far as "ratings" go, I think their show has found a home on Youtube as they have a vocal and rabidly supportive audience on that website.

Altogether, the Youtube videos of The Young Turks have garners about 375 million views which can only be termed an astounding success especially on a site given more to personal vlogging and humorous skits as well as music videos. The channel is more like an actual television show in its format and presentation, but it is their content that is generating these huge views. The "TYT Army" is growing and that is one of the reasons that MSNBC chose Cenk to appear on their network - he can bring in viewers.

Ana Kasparian is another definite plus for the show as she plays against Cenk. She is able to formulate interesting points when discussing anything from politics to celeb gossip. Of course she is also a bit better looking than Cenk which draws in viewers (okay, she's hot and she's got a brain, which is deadly sexy lol) and is a fan favorite.

Here's an example of another clip they posted about Cenk accepting an award:

At the start he mentions that their show is now "the largest online news show in the world" which is no mean feat. People are tuning in and watching this as an alternative to the generic news that you get on the various national newscasts although they do of course gets some flack from those of a more conservative persuasion because they are willing to go hammer and tong against FOX News with their highly-conservative slant on the news.

As an example of that conservative bias, following the shooting of Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, FOX went live to a candle vigil and a young man was talking about the shooting and he said "and I tell you this Sarah Pali-" but FOX crush cut the feed to a commercial. It seems like they have a bit too much tied up in furthering the Palin image and wouldn't allow any message that might cast shadow and doubt on the Palin brand that FOX has invested so much time trying to build up. Personally I would have liked to have seen what the guy wanted to say. Maybe I wouldn't have agreed with it, but it is up to the viewer to decide whether they agree or disagree with what someone is expressing, not a large media company. Just my 2 cents.

But TYT does get its share of flack from those on the righthand side of the political spectrum, which is fine and totally expected. Usually it is comments about "liberal, socialist, progressive, un-american, anti-church" this or that. As far as I can tell neither party has a monopoly of truth, virtue or patriotism. It seems that those negative comments are an attempt to marginalize and demonize all opposition to what the Right believe which is not a path I would like to see the U.S. go down. Any individual who believes they are the sole possessor of all that is good and any who offer an opposing viewpoint is a fool. Anyone running for elected office who believes that, is a dangerous fool. But that is why I enjoy reading the comments on the various TYT videos because although there are the expected trolls espousing mindless garbage, there is also some reasoned debate and thought-provoking comments. Of course there are also comments appraising Ana's physical attributes, so you take the good with the bad. But my little rant ends here lol.

You can go to The Young Turks channel (link at the top) to check out their HUGE catalog of videos that they have posted since joining Youtube way back late 2005 and maybe subscribe. You will laugh, become angry, be puzzled, get some clarity, and see that not all that you read or see on television should be taken at face value.

Also, if you are on Twitter or Facebook you have the option of following them there as well. If you want intelligence, actual insight into the motivations of those in power and those trying to obtain it, and if you want to know what Kim Kardashian is doing, it's all there.

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