Thursday, January 6, 2011

PhillyD Pimps Out Matty In Vegas

LOL, love this. If you haven't seen Philip DeFranco's latest videos one of the things he's doing is trying to set up one of the guys in his office with a lovely girl on the Internet. The guy is Matt (everyone calls him Matty) and he is the editor at DeFranco Studios and he seems nice enough. There's been quite a response according to what Phil has been saying so the guys load up the car and head to Las Vegas. First, here's the video where Phil sorta "cyber-pimps" Matty out.

Love Matty's initial reaction to hearing about Phil's "plan".

Love the thumbnail - settle down Matty. Don't seem too eager

Lol Matt is like "this is a terrible idea" but he's thinkin' "Matty's gonna get some!" Love that part where Phil is asking people what sort of girl Matty should have and Phil says he though that David was about to say "Matty should roll through some hoodrats" and that maybe Matty might like a cougar. But he may come into work all busted up if he hooks up with a hot older lady. Maybe he should stick to around 18 to mid-to-late 20s. And a working knowledge of the Star Wars universe lol.

So I follow Phil on Twitter (@PhillyD if you don't already) and he's been tweeting updates on the "Win A Date With Matty" contest (is it a contest?) and he posted the video below of their Vegas excursion and Matty meeting up with Sarah who had submitted a video response. If you still want to grab your own piece of Matty, feel free to upload a video to Phil's channel. I think it is still Game On.

Liked seeing Phil's hot girlfriend LinzLoves who as he mentions to Matty that he sorta met over the Interwebs. I think Phil said before she was at a gathering and they just sort of went from there. So ya see Matty? Not all the women out there are crazy!

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