Friday, January 21, 2011

Shaytards: Rocktard's Starting To Crawl And Mommytard Gets A Little Loopy

Watching Shay Carl playing with his son, little Rocktard, it is hard to believe it is only about 7 months since Shay and Mommytard went to the hospital to have the little guy. If you haven't seen the video of when Rocktard was born (you aren't a real Shaytards fan unless you've seen this video), here's a link to the Bradshaw's Blog post I did about it: Shaytards Clan Welcomes A New Member. Seeing how alert and all smiley-faced he is now and how he is sooo close to actually crawling, it's hard to imagine watching a Shaytards video without catching a glimpse of the youngest tardlet.

Watching this video you know it's just a matter of time before Rocktard will be scampering after his older brother and sisters and getting into some sort of mischief.

And poor Mommytard had to visit the dentist again. Katilette was downright loopy after getting her crown put on. Even under the influence of the laughing gas she's still PDC ("Pretty Darn Cute" as Shay would say) and you have to laugh when she called him her "suger daddy" for footing the bill.

If you didn't see the video Katilette uploaded yesterday of her and Carli at the gym, you would have missed Rocktard's attempts to crawl, but you can really see he's a little mover now. Here's a link if you missed it: Katilette at the gym with Carli.

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