Monday, January 24, 2011

Ray William Johnson's New Project "Yourfavoritemartian" Finally Rolls Out January 26, 2011

It was hinted at months ago and it looks like Ray William Johnson is finally ready for the big unveil. Back at the end of June 2010 Ray posted a video with his "Equals 3" theme song (complete with the dancing cat) with a "Coming Soon" promise.

Now we get a similar video (see below) with a date for when we finally get to find out what this new project is all about.

The channel is called Yourfavoritemartian and since the relase of that teaser video Ray's new channel has racked up over 173K subscribers all waiting (im)patiently for more details.

All I know is that Ray loves his music, so I'm guessing something music based, but because Ray has been so darned secretive, not too many know anything about what type of content we can expect. You might notice that the channel is listed in the "musician" category on Youtube as well, so is Ray gonna be laying down some fat tracks? Coming from me that last sentence sounds incredibly lame, but we'll have to wait til Wednesday to see what's what.

Feel free to comment below if YOU know, but like I said, I'm thinking music. Of course the name is a play on an old TV show (My Favorite Martian) but doubtful Ray will be reviewing American Idol or Jersey Shore (dear God I hope not). But like you, I'll be watching.

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  1. Took a look today (January 26th) and still nothing. Ray may be in the process of uploading the first video but who knows.

    I did notice that the subscriber total for the channel has jumped from 173K to 298,959. All he needs is another 120-130K and this channel will be in the top 100 too.

    Also noticed Ray took down both of the "coming soon" videos.


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