Monday, January 31, 2011

Shay Carl Pledges To Lose 40 Pounds By March 5th

I was just watching the video below from the Shaytards and it looks like Shay Carl is going to try to shed a little bit of his excess Shay:

For those of us who are longtime viewers of the Shaytards, we know Shay has been trying over the years to drop some tonnage (and even started a channel back in early November 2009 called ShayLoss) it has been difficult for the big guy. According to what he said in the vlog he hopes to lose 40 pounds by his 31st birthday (it's already almost Shay's birthday again?) which is March 5th.

Shay is actually very active for a heavier dude as you can tell by his Shaytards vlogs and always doing healthy stuff with Mommytard and the tardlets. His problem, like most of us is that he likes food a lot.

I for one knew he was planning something along these lines because I follow him on Twitter (follow him here: @shaycarl). He has been tweeting with @phillyd (Philip DeFranco) and others about working out and stuff. Phil is also trying to drop some weight and it looks like it is Game On between Shay, Phil and some others. If you want to try to lose a handle here or there or just offer support to them, let them know (either on Twitter or on their videos).

And here's the video where Phil DeFranco Challenges Shay to lose weight over the next 30 days, starting on January 31st. The stakes are that whomever loses the least has to pay $2,000 to the other's charity of choice. Solid wager there. Phil said in the video that he wants to lose about 15 pounds, but if you watched the Shaytards' video Shay said he could probably lose 15 pounds in just a few days. I think Phil may lose this one, but still, the winner will be whichever charity ends up getting the moola. It will be interesting to watch them battle it out.

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