Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Is The Tobuscus Audience Doing In James Cameron's Pocket?

If you follow Toby Turner (aka tobuscus) on Youtube you will notice that his audience finds itself in all sorts of awkward places at the start of his videos, but I don't know if we have ever been in an odd spot like the pocket of director James Cameron before. And what the heck is Tobuscus doing hanging around with the famous director of Titanic and Avatar?

If you follow Toby Turner on Twitter, or any number of the other bigname youtubers like Phil DeFranco, MysteryGuitarMan, Nigahiga, you would have seen that they tweeted about meeting Cameron and Olga Kay and Shane Dawson tweeted pictures with him. It sounds like it was a pretty cool night. If you want to follow James Cameron on Twitter, he is @JimCameron. He just started tweeting on Friday and he's already got 35,000-plus followers. I took a look at some of the people Cameron is following and he started following actor Tom Arnold before he followed Barack Obama - how does Arnold rate that? lol.

Olga Kay Talks With James Cameron

You can always count on Olga to get a picture or video of stuff like this. She filmed a bit of her conversation with James Cameron where they talk about her being a juggler and coming to the U.S. Just wish she had gotten a little bit more.

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